Sunday, 7 May 2023

There is an alternative


Sunakland is a strange, other-worldly sort of place, which adheres to a system of logic which is unique and impenetrable to outsiders. It is a world where an overwhelming rejection of the governing party in a series of elections is heard by the PM as a huge vote of confidence and a demand that he continue with a relentless pursuit of the same policies. Some of his acolytes think the result shows that people are giving Rishi Sunak a chance. I’d love to see what the results looked like if they weren’t. Not all of his followers agree with him, however. Some manage to see the voters’ reaction to the last three years of chaos as being a demand to return the chaos-creator in chief to the top job, apparently in the belief that the chaos was caused by, rather than the cause of, removing Johnson from office. Yet others see people turning away from the party of low taxes and poor services and turning instead to parties who want to provide better services by (according to incessant propaganda from the Tories) increasing taxes as a sign that voters are demanding more tax cuts and austerity.

In other news from that strange place, it seems that the governing party (it seems reasonable to assume that a deputy party chair appointed by the PM is promoting party policy) believes that a quarter of the entire UK population should be encouraged to emigrate. I suppose that might help to solve the housing shortage without upsetting Tory MPs by building houses in their constituencies, although I’m not sure that he’s thought through the implications for the NHS nor the widespread labour shortages which would result from such a dramatic population cut, let alone the impact on the government’s oft-stated ambition to be a world leader in research and innovation. It would also help to achieve his goal if they weren’t still congratulating themselves on removing the freedom of movement of those they now want to freely move. Still, I understand that the border control authorities have acquired a tidy stock of small boats – they could march all republicans down to Dover and launch them towards France. That’ll teach the French a lesson as well. Like the message on the wall in Animal Farm, the slogan will slowly morph from ‘Stop the boats’ to ‘Launch the boats’.

Fortunately, for Wales and Scotland at least, there is a way to leave Sunakland without going anywhere. It really is time to take it.

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