Thursday 17 March 2022

When the Carrie's away...


A few weeks ago, Boris Johnson changed government policy on the sales of fur and foie gras over a weekend. This issue, like a number of other animal-related issues was seen as being important to Mrs Johnson, so Mr J waited, according to this report, until Mrs J was away for the weekend before sliding out the announcement by way of briefing reporters. It looks as though she must have been away again last weekend, when an attempt was made to reverse the manifesto policy on hunting trophies in a similar manoeuvre. She was obviously home again by yesterday, though, (and in no mood to have her manifesto overturned a second time) when the government claimed that it has no intention of reneging on its commitment after all. Until the next time the Prime Ministerial spouse decides to have a weekend away, obviously.

It's an ‘interesting’ approach to policy-making, to say the least. Perhaps Downing Street should follow the example of Buckingham Palace and fly a different flag when the boss is in residence, and lower it when she’s away. At least that way, reporters would know when to take briefings seriously.

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