Tuesday 5 May 2015

Dutch Auctions

Fortunately, there’s only another two days to go.  I dread to think how far the collective insanity to which Cameron and Miliband seem to be succumbing would go given another week or two.
First they tried to outbid each other as to which of them could most effectively tie his own hands once in government; now they’re trying to outbid each other to see who can lay out the most convincing obstacles to becoming Prime Minister.  Miliband will not lead any government which in any way depends on the SNP or Plaid; Cameron will not lead any government which does not commit to a referendum on membership of the EU.
I can understand why each of them would be trying to make things as difficult as possible for the other, but am struggling to understand why they’re both so keen to stockpile rods for their own backs, with which they’re threatening to beat themselves if we don’t do as they ask.
Perhaps I’ve just misunderstood the whole process, and neither of them actually wants the job at all.

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