Thursday 13 December 2012

Who's writing the script?

I'm sure that there was an episode of Yes Minister in which Sir Humphrey explained to the hapless Minister how he could gain a lot of public credit for stopping a certain policy from being implemented.  The Minister's response was to say that the Government wasn't intending to do that anyway, so how could he stop it?  Ah, said Sir Humphrey, but if you leak the fact that the Government might be thinking about it, you can then launch a campign to stop it, and it's a campaign which you're certain to win.

If that wasn't an episode, then it certainly deserved to be.

There's more than a passing resemblance between that scenario and the Lib Dems' 'campaign' against regional pay.  Perhaps they're using the same script writer?


glynbeddau said...

I think you might have in mind the episode in which Hacker rubs for leadership of his party and becoming PM

Sir Humphrey calls Hacker to an impromptu meeting with Maurice, the EEC Commissioner. They use it to put forward their views over increasing interference in British affairs, in particular the problem of the Euro-sausage. They convince Maurice that it should be called the "British sausage."
However, the Minister then invites the press to his office to tell them that the sausage problem is far from resolved. He tells Bernard of his intention to manipulate the media by giving them bad news today and a triumph tomorrow.
His "non-story" makes all the front pages the next day and that evening, Hacker travels to a public meeting about fire and safety in government buildings. En route, he and Bernard hear a radio news report giving details of his rivals decisions to bow out, but naming no compromise candidate. At the meeting (to which both BBC and ITN cameras have inexplicably been invited), Hacker takes the opportunity to give a passionate speech in defence of Britain against encroaching European regulations. He is given a standing ovation.
And becomes PM as a result.

t see it opening to Clegg though.

G Horton-Jones said...

Your 'campaign' link left me even more confused.
Still its nice to know that we still have Freedom Central behind the people of Wales ---only joking
We all laughed at Yes minister but we also recognised the appalling truth that the episodes parodied.
Today we have an admission the immigration over a long period of time has been uncontrolled -- which we all are aware of but -- remember we are a multicultural society,
ps For UK, Britain, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland read England therefore we all must speak English to integrate
Yes Yes minister is still alive and well I cannot remember being asked in Wales for any input into the immigation policy of England and as things stand immigrants into England have also perhaps become Welsh Scottish Irish etc