Wednesday 25 January 2012

What is to be done?

I quite enjoyed David Davies’ little outburst yesterday about the likely outcome from the Silk Commission.  It’s a real problem, isn't it, when opinion is moving so strongly in one direction that it becomes difficult to find anyone willing to put the opposing case.
I suspect that his suggestion – just publish the report now, and scrap the consultation and evidence taking – was born of frustration and intended to be sarcastic.  But what would he have people do?  Ban most of those supporting further powers from giving evidence so that the committee only hears an equal number of fors and againsts?  Fund some new groups to argue against to try and even the numbers out a bit?
In fact, his tongue-in-cheek suggestion may well be the best and most sensible one, even if he’s likely to be the last one to recognise that.  On those issues where there is an overwhelming consensus, perhaps moving straight to a recommendation and decision really is the easiest way to proceed.  After all, the only reason for holding long drawn-out commissions to consider matters is to appease the vociferous minority who want to stop progress.  People rather like David Davies, in fact.


Unknown said...

For the first, and probably only, time in my life I agree with David Davies - scrap Silk and implement Richards in full!

Anonymous said...

Davies is right.

In any case, Richard is past its sell-by date as will Silk in a years time.

Labour playing catch up again. It's like the USSR and Peristroika. It's all moving too fast for them.

Boncath said...

David Davies has excelled himself
He has portayed his boss David Cameron as the Captain Smith of the UK Titanic let us hope that he never crosses the floor to join Plaid claiming that he has just seen the icebergs of economic and political change for the first time.

Not that Carwyn and Welsh? Labour has that much to offer. they too seems rudderless and appear to be flotsam simply going with the tide