Thursday 26 January 2012

Friends like these...

I’ve long-known that politics is a business in which friendship and loyalty count for little, but I was still surprised at the candour of Peter Hain’s description of the events surrounding the replacement of Ron Davies as Labour’s candidate for First Secretary.
Hain was completely convinced, he tells us, that Rhodri Morgan was the right man for the job; right for Wales and right for Labour.  However, instead of supporting Rhodri, he ran Alun Michael’s successful campaign.  He did this, he says, because Alastair Campbell told him that it was ‘what Tony wanted’.
Perhaps Hain expects Rhodri, Labour, and Wales to forgive him, now that he’s been so candid - the repentance of a sinner, as it were.  I suspect that it will just make his ‘friends’ – if he has any left – even more wary about their backs.  With friends like Hain, they hardly need political enemies.


Boncath said...


Friendship and loyalty count for everything.
These are the keystones by which men are judged.
Those who have failed you have more than failed themselves

Unknown said...

Just confirmation that Hain lost whatever principle and conscience he ever had many, many years ago.

Glyndo said...

I don't think that Peter the Grate has many friends left in Welsh Labour anyway.