Thursday 8 September 2022

Honesty from a government spokesperson


Yesterday, the new spokesperson for the new Prime Minister told us that the new cabinet represents the "depth and breadth of talent” in Tory party. Rarely has a truer word been spoken by an official spokesperson, although it’s not entirely clear why they felt they needed to spell out just how bad the situation is; most of us had already worked that out for ourselves. It’s a refreshing level of honesty which one suspects is unlikely to last.


CapM said...

With this troop of political baboons it's sometimes difficult to tell whether I'm shedding tears of despair or tears of laughter.

A bit of Truss's speech she got part right was
"... Boris, ...... You are admired from Kyiv to Carlisle."

In Kyiv and from the Channel to Carlisle would have been accurate.
However she stopped short of including Scotland which I'd like to think was a Freudian slip revealing the official Unionist party has at least subconsciously accepted the inevitable.

dafis said...

That Cabinet has achieved a world record, class leading,( insert more superlatives if you wish) level of Diversity and Inclusion. It also achieves Equality by recruiting a broadly equal level of stupidity, ignorance and likely incompetence from the breadth of the U.K's ethnic, religious and gender mix. That took some doing but Liz has got it delivered. Whether she ever delivers anything else remains to be seen.