Thursday, 7 January 2021

As good as it gets


The English Education Secretary came under attack from almost all sides yesterday, with some of the kinder descriptions including words like incompetent, ineffectual, careless, tribal, and inept. Number 10 leapt to his defence claiming that the PM had full confidence in him (although if he were a football team manager, that would normally be the prelude to an imminent departure). In a rare moment of honesty, the PM’s Press Secretary declared that Williamson is doing the job “to his utmost ability” apparently not realising that that is not so much a strong defence as an entirely accurate statement of the problem. It’s an analysis which could be extended – the whole cabinet, including the PM himself, are doing their jobs to the utmost of their ability. This really is as good as it gets from a Johnson government.

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dafis said...

Incompetence, lack of capacity for the role, unsuitable material - these are all words that describe the large numbers of Tory ministers that have passed through the Cabinet and immediate subordinate roles since 2010. Add dishonesty, corruption and personal gain and you get a pretty comprehensive picture of the entire bunch of squalid tvrds. How on earth a P.M could entertain the ass Greyling in one role is open to serious question. That he went on to serve in 2 or 3 more senior roles defies belief. Just one example of several, and the oaf Williamson is probably no worse than many others. Just worry that we may be lumbered with this lot for another 4 odd years. Then take a good look at the material wallowing on the shadow front bench and ask how can anybody object to seceding from this crazy lot ?