Tuesday 10 November 2020

Would-be world king achieves world-beating status


Boris Johnson as a child said that he wanted to be ‘world king’ when he grew up. There is no evidence that his ambition has changed; but then, neither is there much evidence of any growing up. There is, in any event, no such post, so the nearest that he could possibly get is to be recognised as a world-beating leader in at least one field of his choice. That is where the defeat of Trump comes in. No longer does Johnson face any serious competition for the title of leader of the most disreputable, dishonest, mendacious, corrupt, and incompetent government in the developed world which makes him now, indisputably, a truly world-beating politician in five different categories. Let’s just hope that’s enough to satisfy him, and that he doesn’t seek gold medal status in any other categories.


dafis said...

The difference between Trump and Johnson is that it takes an election to remove Trump. Even that may not suffice as the country enters a period of legal gymnastics with guys manouvering through loopholes where ever they can be found.
In the UK Boris could be a safe bet to lose the next GE, but the bigger threat to his tenure is that he may prove insufficiently bonkers to please the agitated mass of the Tory party who could bin him long before 2024. Which could lead to that odious Mr.Gove as P.M - an even bigger nut job that what the UK has now.

Spirit of BME said...

Interesting statement that you think that HMG is the worst government in the developed world on the five categories you mention. Based on my experience I would disagree, as I would put Japan and South Korea well up there and as we see in the US right now with the electoral disputes , I think they deserves a mention. In my view HMG does not make the top ten – close, but not quite there -yet!
As for The Boy Johnson, as I have stated ‘I would only trust him as far as I could throw the Albert Hall’- sadly that goes for most politicians , but I have not met the boy so it is difficult to come to a definitive decision, making such decisions from reports in the press and media that are peddling their own agenda can be at times, less than perfect.

Gwyn Jones said...

There is nothing so bad that politicians can not make worse.
Gwyn Jones