Thursday 5 February 2015

Does Ed kow something that I don't?

Last week, Ed Miliband told us that “The question on the ballot paper … is who is going to be prime minister, is it going to be David Cameron or is it going to be Ed Miliband?”.  This came as news to me – has the UK’s electoral system been changed without me noticing it?  And what if I don’t want to vote for either of them – am I to be disenfranchised?
It’s just sloppy wording on his part, of course, albeit part of a continuing deliberate attempt by the Labour-Tory parties to shut down any form of electoral debate which doesn’t focus on that simple question.  It’s also another nail in the coffin of parliamentary democracy; he’s effectively confirming his view that MPs are only there to vote as they’re told, either for or against the government of the day.
It’s clumsy, but it also strikes me as being not entirely wise.  In his position, and looking at the ratings given to the party leaders in opinion polls, I can’t believe that asking people to make a direct personal choice between himself and Cameron is the very best strategy he could have come up with.

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Scotland the Labour party is resorting to ever more desperate tactics to hold on to its seats. The latest is to claim that if Labour loses seats to the SNP, then the Tories will be the largest party in Westminster and automatically entitled to form the nest government. The claim is false - basically the next government will have to command the confidence of the House of Commons, as is clearly demonstrated here:

But the mass media including the BBC will no doubt be carrying Labour propaganda unchallenged right up to May 7.

Dafydd Williams