Wednesday 3 February 2010

Misleading People

This is the front cover of a communication which is being widely distributed locally. Looks very official and ominous doesn't it? But official it is not – although ominous may well be a suitable word to apply. It's actually an election leaflet for the Conservative and Unionist Party, not particularly cunningly disguised in an attempt to get people to open and read it.

It's monolingual of course, apart from the two words "Ceidwadwyr Cymreig" in the logo. Not so Cymreig at all really - and they've even abandoned their previous practice of inviting those who might be stroppy enough to want a copy in Welsh to contact them for an under-the-counter service.

The inside lists the problems caused by decades of Labour-Tory rule in Wales; you know - the usual stuff about how London rule has made Wales the poorest part of the UK, and Wales having the highest levels of unemployment of any UK nation. It doesn't really explain why they think more of the same is the answer, of course. But it does make it clear that one of the Tories' solutions to the problems faced by Wales is "to oppose Plaid Cymru's policy".

It's not immediately clear to me why opposing another party's policy is a 'solution' to anything.


Unknown said...

They are obviously donning the mantle of Plaid, and this goes to show that Plaid's policies are the ones which will appeal to the electorate. The public needs to know what the Tories will give them, which is as you say - more of the same.

Illtyd Luke said...

Of course, the idea that there is now a Welsh Conservatism is extremely important for the future of devolution, the prospects of non-Labour coalitions, and the future of Wales as a state. I am increasingly of the opinion that the Conservatives in Wales haven't become Welsh at all. It would be good to see a proper critique of whether they actually have adapted to devolution or whether its just for electoral purposes. It's a critique that would be beyond my knowledge or abilities. I suppose the best benchmark of this will be how they treat Wales from government in Westminster. Any ideas John?

Anonymous said...

What it should be saying is that they will get Cheryl Gillian and her enhanced Wales Office and heavy mob.
the return of Colonial rule

Unknown said...

There is a view that if the Conservatives win the election the result will be to push the people of Wales farther towards the concept of independence, as a reaction to "colonial rule".