Saturday, 21 February 2009

Rebellious subs

A few days ago, I suggested that on his visit to Carmarthen, the Tory leader 'bought a bun'. Thanks to the fearlessly detailed reporting of the Carmarthen Journal, I can now reveal that statement to have been incorrect. In fact, Cameron bought:

- An Owain Glyndŵr sub, with the words "It's got to be that one, hasn't it?". (I haven't a clue what the contents of such a delicacy might be. I'll have to check when I'm in town next week. But given his remarks on further powers for the National Assembly, I have to wonder whether he knows quite what Glyndŵr was famous for).

- Some Welsh cakes.

- Two Cornish pasties, one of which he donated to the Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, who was accompanying him on his walkabout.

Just thought that I ought to set the record straight.

Update 24th Feb: An Owain Glyndŵr sub contains Welsh cheese, red onion, ham, and Welsh chutney. For completeness.

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