Monday 13 March 2023

Taking offence


The Home Secretary is apparently issuing instructions to police forces to the effect that upholding freedom of speech is more important than acting on behalf of people who feel offended by what someone has said. I wonder if she’s talked recently with the other Suella Braverman, the one who declared she was offended by the words used by Gary Lineker. Perhaps she’ll tell all the Tory MPs demanding action against Lineker that they, and the BBC, are supposed to be supporting free speech, not being offended by his words, and that his right to say what he likes is more important than the rights of anyone who may be offended. Or is free speech limited only to those who say the ‘right’ thing (using the word ‘right’ in both senses)?

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dafis said...

John The easily offended are to be found everywhere. Even sites like Guido's hot air vent has its huge share of snowflakes of the Anglo Brit supremacist variety. They spend all day taking the piss out of lefties, trannies, Jocks, sheep shagging Taffs, any or all comers in fact, yet curl up and complain when they are on the receiving end of a bit of banter about their own traits or weaknesses.