Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Giving the right answer

Last night’s television news included a report on the mass detention of Uighurs in China and showed a group of adults being coerced into chanting the official party line as part of their re-education. Most of us will find it disconcerting that this can really be happening, but if we look closer to home, we find that locking adults into a room and forcing them to chant lies isn’t something confined to a dictatorial regime like that in China – it’s now part of everyday business for government in the UK as well.
Perhaps the Cabinet saw it all as just a bit of fun for the camera but reciting what they all know to be lies is not a good look.  The cabinet, like the poor Uighurs, certainly know what the ‘right’ answer is when questioned by those in authority over them; whether people bullied into giving the ‘right’ answer believe it or not is another matter entirely.

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