Tuesday, 16 July 2019

A five-point plan

Politicians seem to revel in having multi-point plans, and the probable future Prime Minister is no exception, even if he hasn’t yet quite managed to formulate it in those terms.  Perhaps I can help a little by distilling his recent statements to a few short points:
1.    He will withhold payment of monies which are legally due to the EU unless they agree to break their own rules on the single market and abandon a member state, namely Ireland.
2.    He will immediately start negotiations with the US for a trade deal to come into effect by 31st October, even if starting such negotiations is a direct breach of treaty commitments to which the UK has agreed.
3.    He will unilaterally apply the rules of the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs to a situation in which they can only be used where there is an agreement in place - without first coming to such an agreement.
4.    He will tell Trump that instead of the UK following US food standards, the US will have to follow UK standards.
5.    He will cut taxes whilst at the same time increasing expenditure and committing to reducing public debt.
All of the above will be achieved by a generous application of optimism and determination, by being nice to Trump, and by believing very, very hard.  What could possibly go wrong?
In other news, some of the defeated leadership candidates are apparently already gearing up their campaigns for the autumn Tory leadership election.

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