Monday, 6 May 2019

A question of trust

Yesterday, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, made it clear that he can no longer trust Theresa May “after this weekend” because she had breached the confidentiality of the talks between the two Brexit-supporting parties in Westminster.  I wasn’t at all surprised that he no longer trusts her, but what really did surprise me was the implicit statement that he apparently had trusted her up until this weekend.  Given her propensity for telling outright lies and the fact that there seems to be no-one left in her own party who has any faith in her, how on earth can the Labour Party have got to a situation where any of its senior figures trusted her in the first place?

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Spirit of BME said...

Little Mc is just playing the game, as all politicians I have met lie, usually on their first day when they declare their loyalty as good subjects of the Crown and accept the validity of its authority.
His statements are about the record, so when it all fails, he can refer back to his rather unconvincing statement.