Thursday 18 October 2018

Some things are beyond parody

Perhaps we’ve all misjudged the Prime Minister, the Government and the Brexiteers over the past two years by assuming that there was ever a serious objective of negotiating a Brexit agreement.  I’m wondering if the real objective all along has been to try and parody as many as possible of the most well-known comedy shows of the past 50 years.  Some sort of dare, maybe – after all, at least one minister has form on that score.
We’ve had more cunning plans than Baldrick, and Basil Fawlty’s ‘not mentioning the war’ has been taken to new heights by bringing the subject up at every possible opportunity.  Earlier this week we had the PM’s very best impression of Corporal Jones with her call for us all not to panic.  Yesterday, we moved on to Monty Python, with her insistence that her plan is not dead at all, although she didn’t go as far as to tell us whether it was stunned, asleep, or just resting.  Definitely not nailed to the perch though.  Meanwhile, the negotations have displayed the bargaining skills of Del Trotter.
Perhaps we were never meant to take any of it seriously, just do our best to enjoy the poorly-written attempts to remind us all of the comedy greats of the past.  I have a horrible feeling, though, that it will all end with some sort of parallel to the final episode of Blackadder – and that was not at all funny.

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