Monday 16 July 2018

Two birds, one stone

Yesterday’s interview in which the Prime Minister revealed to the world the ‘sage’ advice which Trump had given her about dealing with the EU – sue them, although on what grounds remains unclear – was one of those very rare occasions on which she actually seemed to be enjoying herself.  And who can blame her?  After the way on which Trump rubbished her approach to Brexit and suggested that the ex-Foreign Secretary would be a good PM, exposing Trump to ridicule must have felt good.
It gets even better, though.  If suing the EU is a spectacularly stupid approach to negotiating a withdrawal, what does that say about the idea of putting the person suggesting it in charge of the negotiations?  It was of course the former Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, who suggested that putting Trump in charge of negotiating with the EU would be a “very, very good thought”.  Exposing Trump’s simplistic stupidity must have felt good to the PM in the circumstances – being able to give Boris a sly kick at the same time must surely have felt even better.

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