Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hold the front page!

It doesn’t seem to take a lot to get on to the front page of the Western Mail these days.  Being called Hain is usually quite enough.  Yesterday’s Western Mail headline was “Corbyn, Carwyn and the huge test for Welsh Labour”, but it was, in essence, a platform for His Unroyal Hainness to expound his views – again.  (And, of course, with a link to the “full report” on an inside page where his book also gets yet another free plug.)
Reading what he actually says, it doesn’t necessarily relate to the election of Corbyn at all.  His core message is that if the Labour Party mobilises the enthusiasm of its members and supporters to get out and canvass, then it could do well in the next election regardless of who the leader is; if it fails to do so, then it could face a difficult time.
In fact, I’m not even sure that that message is limited to the Labour Party.  HUH could equally have said that ‘if a party can fight a good doorstep campaign it might win votes, but if it fails to do so, it might not’.  Who’d have thought it?  This is a secret which has clearly eluded many to date, and comes as stunning news to the Western Mail. 
We really need a better Welsh media than this.

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