Thursday 17 April 2014

Keeping Wales tidy

Back in the 1970s, one wag produced a poster which read ‘Keep Wales Tidy – Dump your rubbish in England’.  It was intended to be humorous, although the extent to which it actually raises a smile probably depends on your sense of humour.  I didn’t think, though, that anyone actually took it seriously.  Perhaps I was wrong on that after all.
The question of Wylfa B and nuclear waste is one that I’ve referred to before.  One of the problems that supporters of Wylfa B have is that the construction of a new nuclear power station will inevitably lead to the production of more nuclear waste.  We can’t have new nuclear stations without generating more waste, and that waste has to be stored and handled somewhere.
Trying to wash their hands of any responsibility for the consequences of their support for a new nuclear station means that supporters of Wylfa B are following the advice of that spoof poster – keeping Wales clean by demanding that someone else takes our rubbish.  But wanting the (alleged) benefits with none of the downsides is an irresponsible and selfish approach; hardly the sort of approach which would make an independent Wales a good world citizen.
My nationalism is based on wanting to see Wales taking her place in the world, taking our own decisions, and accepting both the consequences and the responsibility for them.  There’s something very odd to me about nationalists seeking to avoid responsibility for the consequences of the policies they espouse. 
I remember hearing Gwynfor arguing that Wales will be free when the people of Wales start thinking and acting as a free people.  Assuming that someone else will deal with our problems on our behalf falls more than a little short on that score.


Anonymous said...

Clywch, clywch !

Unknown said...

Diolch yn fawr John. Yr eironi mawr yw gwrthwynebiad rhai gwleidyddion i gladdfa niwclear dan y ddaear, ac yna'n cefnogi Wylfa B a thomen ar yr wyneb ar y safle am o leiaf 160 o flynyddoedd yn gartref i wastraff dwy waith poethach a dwy waith mwy ymbelydrol na;r gwastraff presennol. Rhyfedd o fyd!

Dylan Morgan, PAWB, Pobl Atal Wylfa B

G Horton-Jones said...


Keeping Wales Tidy

On the non nuclear front there is now a proliferation of wind turbines and solar panels that is generating apologies for the pun a lot of angst.
The actual amounts of electricity being generated are being lost in the midst of that old chestnut commercial confidentiality
How ever the word on the street is the the solar panel array at Whitland is making someone some very serious money and that the two massive turbines at Princes Gate came to planning with an offer to supply all over 60 year olds living within 10 miles of the turbines free electricity. This will of course not happen Something to do with Pembs CC apparently