Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Only joking?

Yesterday was that day of the year when we can never entirely believe what we read anywhere.

Peter Black tried his hand with this story about keeping tabs on AMs.  For me, it was too obviously an attempt at a joke.  No-one who knows anything at all about our AMs could ever believe that they would allow anyone to know where they are at all times.

Then we had this attempt to convince us that Jeeves was Welsh - or even worse, apparently, a Gog.  No, that one didn't work for me either.

I thought the best one was this one from the Welsh Government.  Outsourcing the management of the discretionary fund to an offshoot of an American private equity company with zero experience in the field?  No, pull the other one.  The only thing missing from the story was the 'revelation' that those running the scheme were Tory donors, so that part of the discretionary fund would end up in Tory Party coffers.

Fair play to the Welsh Government, and the Labour Party, for entering into the spirit of April Fool's Day.  They did get one thing wrong though - the story somehow went out a day early.  There's a serious danger that people might actually believe the story as a result.  But it really was a joke.  Wasn't it?

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Anonymous said...

the private equity fund running the social fund isn't a joke as the Bevan Foundation article proves