Friday, 4 November 2011


Hain yesterday, Murphy today.  The same message from both of them, which I suppose at least displays a degree of unity, something for which the Labour Party hasn’t always been best-known.
Sadly, however, neither man’s message gets much beyond “Labour Good, Tories Bad”; any proposal coming from the Conservatives must be wrong and therefore should be opposed.  There is no real attempt whatsoever to engage with, or even discuss, the substance or merits of the case.
In response to my post on Hain’s comments yesterday, Jeff Jones commented that this sort of approach “plays well with the core vote particularly if it is over 60 and still living in a world which stopped in 1979”.  There’s a sense in which that is the most hopeful aspect – they’re playing to a demographic which will inevitably decline over the years.


Anonymous said...

wouldn't bet on that decline, my and many other kids in their 30's-40's still feel the same as I did and still do.

with the continued failure of the assembly many more may well join them.

Anonymous said...

What? feel like you did in 1979?

Old_Miwl said...

Both of them seem to think that any change to taxation or further devolution of powers needs a referendum, but changing the voting system to FPTP would be ok because the electorate rejected AV. No logic, just an assumption of a divine right to govern Wales, and the atitute that if they don't get a majority, it's obviously the electoral system that's at fault

Anonymous said...

These two articles are more proof (as if any more were needed) that waleshome is nothing more than a propaganda outfit for the west britain branch of the labour party

Boncath said...


Why are we treating the likes of Hain and Murphy as if they have just descended from Mouny Sinai with the original tablets
I dont agree with Jeff Jones re the over 60,s we are in great danger of labelling them as either Labour or Conservatives till the day they die . Whilst there may in the past have been this kind of polarisation the world has moved on
Many see Al Jazerra as a better ie more accurate source of Global news
New technologies have led to a more rapid and accurate dissemination of information
You will no doubt be pleased to hear that Messrs Crouch, Buckingham, Werrity and Hart have been well aired in the Western Telegraph this week in an article which could restore my faith in this newspaper given its past performance or lack thereof on political matters