Friday, 7 October 2011

Politicians and the BBC

And on the subject of cuts and budgets…
One much-loved trick of public bodies when engaged in a struggle to either obtain more funding or else make unpopular cuts to services is to threaten to cut the most high-profile services first.  When the initial proposals are followed by the inevitable outcry, they either end up receiving more money, or else making the cuts elsewhere.  And those alternative cuts may still be unpopular, but will end up being accepted as the lesser of two evils.
I was reminded of this when I saw the proposals from BBC Wales today.  I cannot think of anything more likely to unite politicians across parties than threatening to cut the coverage of what they say and do, and it has, indeed sparked the unsurprising outrage from three of the four Welsh parties (although the Tories for some strange reason seem not to have objected yet – another indication that they don’t really care about Welsh politics, or have they just not cottoned on yet?).
The inevitable question in my mind is this – have the BBC already got a Plan B, and what is it?


Boncath said...

Freezing the licence fees ie income for six years while inflation is running at 5% seems a good way to ruin any economic activity
If the lib / cons want to save money regardless of the consequences then why not let the people of Wales finance their own radio and tv services.
We are up for it

Anonymous said...

don't see what the problem is cuts or no cuts Dragons Eye is a tired format that needs refreshing and revamping. Besides its always been more of a current affairs than politics show despite its billing as BBC Wales flagship political programme.

As for the cuts in party conference coverage carry on they are becoming increasingly irrelevant, but i would keep the ampm show on a Wednesday because there is so little other coverage of the Senedd's proceedings.

Anonymous said...

The Tories won't oppose these cuts. Fair play to them for actually sticking to what they believe in. Though it beggars belief that some people hold them up as having converted to Welsh interests. There are opportunities with these cuts for renewal, but the overall coverage of Welsh events is going to decline in frequency.