Friday 13 May 2011

Off with their heads

I didn’t really doubt for a moment that Ieuan would eventually realise that his departure is a pre-condition for any regrouping by his party.  But there is, as John Osmond notes, an aspect of his character and style which naturally leads to a certain vagueness and ambiguity about his timetable.  That doesn’t make it helpful though.
Whilst two and a half years is too long – or rather doesn’t leave enough time for the new leader to make his or her mark – the apparent desire of some to have a quick review and hold a leadership election with unseemly haste seems to be more about ensuring that the party largely carries on as before with as little change as possible.
‘Sentence first, verdict afterwards’, proclaimed the Queen of Hearts; but it’s not an approach which has ever appealed to me.  Properly implemented, it just leads to people losing their heads.  And headless people tend not to make considered decisions.


Boncath said...

Curiouser and curiouser.
We have a Conservative English government. a Nationalist government in Scotland and a Labour government in Wales
Alice might be forgiven for believing that her dreams of devolved independence might have come true for the three nations

There is no gain to be made by side lining Ieuan in the current scenario but there is sense in allowing Plaids AM's a period of grace to settle in whilst planning how to operate within the Welsh Government and creating from the top down an effective team

There is little doubt that we could be in for a very bumpy ride

Unknown said...

I see Dafydd Elis Thomas couldn't wait before throwing his hat into the ring.

If he gets elected, then I can't see any future for Plaid - he was a disaster as leader last time, he will be worse if he gets it this time. I suspect there will be a lot of people tearing up their membership cards if he gets it.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't agree more, all of what you say is valid.

Anonymous said...

Sionnyn and Anonymous - and there'll be many more Plaid members who would be delighted if Dafydd Elis-Thomas was Leader of the party.

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:51

Is your name Dafydd Elis-Thomas by any chance?

If he/you gets it then Plaid is down the tubes, permanently. He's (imho) a divisive, egotistical, establishment has-been.

Spirit of BME said...

Could I say something in the defence of Mr Dafydd Elis “Rooster” Thomas and his past words in the last few days?
When it comes to his –Leadership, Managerial, Administrative and Financial skills, all agree they are –Nil.
When it comes to Power brooking and recognising how and when to use power – he is quite brilliant, as his time of President of the ASssembly showed.
He will in no way settle for being an ordinary AM so what power jobs are available to him ,after his quick canter through various offices in the last few day. The Leader of Plaid is the lesser of what is out there, but his “we should have been nice to Labour” interview leads me to believe he might do “an Oscar”i.e create a row and jump to Labour or be an Independent, as the first to offer Labour an extra vote can determine the highest price, such as a Ministers post in due course.
There is a lot more crowing left in this Rooster.

Unknown said...

The leadership of Y Blaid is far too important to be relegate to just a consolation prize for DET.

Let's face it, Plaid need a good kick in the bum to get us back doing what we are good at - being a thorn in the establishment side, putting a compelling case for more devolution, and acting as the conscience of the Welsh Government. Leanne Wood.

Anonymous said...

There is no rush to get a new leader. In fact, there is not yet a leadership vacancy so quite what DET is on about is anyone's guess.
Two and a half years is also unrealisitic but I suspect that is for new AMs to show their abilities to the party, for a bigger choice.

The party has already started a review of the election and next month, a major piece of work into all aspects of the party commences. This will be a no holes barred exercise with the membership playing the leading role. As Wales progresses along the devolution path,so must Plaid.

DET is hugely respected as the former Presiding Officer but as a Plaid leader, would be a disaster. Outside his consituency, he has little support-and he knows it.