Tuesday 16 November 2010

Vote 'no' - or the Passport Office gets it

It’s just as well that we have those stalwart defenders of Wales, True Wales, to protect us from the nasty nationalists of Plaid Cymru and, apparently, the Labour Party. 
In March 2009, they told us that a yes vote would undoubtedly lead to Independence and that Independence would equally surely lead to the loss of a large number of jobs in UK institutions based in Wales, including, interestingly enough, those at the Passport Office.
As opposed to a no vote which would ensure …  what, exactly?


Ian Johnson said...

Then there's jobs at the DVLA - also under threat according to True Wales.


Rather ironic as the article was a response to a criticism of their misinformation.

Anonymous said...


Given that the population of Wales exceeds 3 million and the number of people of Welsh origin living outside Wales could exceed this figure Then
There is an inescapable argument that we in Wales should have our own Passport service.

One can argue that this service may be more effectively provided within Wales other than at a single location ie Newport but that in no way should detract from the excellent service that has been provided over the years from this place