Thursday 3 December 2009


As the dust settles, many are turning their minds to the shape of the new cabinet under Labour's new leader. Glyn Davies and Valleys Mam join in today, after Peter Black and others added their views in recent days.

It's interesting though that the speculation seems to be concentrated on who is to be rewarded, who is to be punished, how the jobs should be spread geographically, whether Carwyn Jones will deliberately seek to spring a surprise or two, and above all, whether he will stamp his authority on his party. In which other profession or organisation would any of those be the main bases of decision rather than the ability and experience of the individuals and their suitability to do the job?


Anonymous said...

Yes John , but we are talking Labour here and old boys still rule.
It would be so nice to see him actually pick people who were new and innovative
What about Plaid will you change your three

Glyn Davies said...

Try governing bodies of Welsh sport John

John Dixon said...


I haven't a clue - and I'll be the last to know!


OK, you got me there. But I'm tempted to add that the example you quote is further evidence of why it's a bad idea...